5 Reasons Why We Should Stop Bird Hunting

Bird HuntingEven though it was part of human’s survival in the early days, bird hunting is no longer appropriate these days. Bird hunting is one of the main causes of the extinction of many bird species in today’s wildlife. In some places, bird hunting is still allowed by their government while in other countries, there may be laws prohibiting the hunting of wildlife birds but these are not enough to stop and frighten bird hunter from doing their violent acts. According to them, they would not stop shooting birds for it has already been part of the culture and that they’re only continuing what the ancient people have started.

This logic is surely for greedy people who do not feel what the birds feel and most importantly what mother Earth feels whenever a member of her family dies. In a single fly, a bird dies without putting a good fight. A bird has no power to stop this cruelty and brutality. In the hopes that every person who’ll read this article will spread the word why birds should not be hunted, below are the top reasons why we should stop bird hunting.

1. Birds feel pain. Just as with humans, birds also have nervous system which makes them feel the pain once they are shot violently and brutally while freely flying in the sky. Would you like to be shot? Can you imagine how painful it is to be dragged by someone through a hook punctured right through your heart or cheek? Additionally, with the greenhouse effects that we’re contributing to the Earth because of our technological gadgets together with the chemical-based production of our goods, are these not enough suffering we provide to the wildlife of the earth and its inhabitants, including birds? Some may even steal the babies of birds and keep them locked in confinement and denying their right to live freely. These actions cause immense pain and suffering to animals.

2. There are many other ways to continue our culture. Are there no other ways to show your cultural acts than hunting a helpless bird? Absolutely, there are other proven ways to show how you love our culture. You do not need to kill a helpless bird to fulfill your cultural acts. Just because something is done for thousands of years, does not mean it is actually right and it should be done even up to now.

3. We don’t need to eat birds to survive. Human can survive without the need to kill and eat bird. There are many plant-based diets which man can consume to survive. The world is no longer in its dark ages. Understanding of people has evolved and in the process, they come to learn that hunting birds for food is no longer a necessity. Research shows that plants have all the right nutrients and vitamins for a human body to survive.

4. Environmentally destructive. The hunting of birds and all other wildlife contributes to the imbalance of ecosystems. Every animal has a contribution to keeping the balance in the ecosystem. Thus, when they are killed one by one, there is no way an ecosystem will be on its usual again. Hunters kill animals without inhibition for their own greedy purposes. Moreover, hunting disturbs the hibernation and migration patterns of families. For birds who mate for life and live in close family ties, bird hunting can ruin their whole community. The stress these animals suffer, due to loud noises and commotion which hunters create, makes it difficult for them to peacefully survive.

5. Bird hunting is not only the hobby available. For those who find bird hunting as their hobby, are you certain this is the only thing that can make you happy? Sure thing that many other things concerns and keep you busy nowadays. From updating your social status, visiting your most favorite networking sites to discovering new technological advancements, there are plenty of things to devour your time with.

How Can You Be Part of a Change?

Without being a member of a bird conservation association or an anti-bird hunting group, you can support the anti-bird hunting act through posting no hunting signs on your area, stop hunting training programs if there is and spreading the possible effects of this cruelty to our environment.

However, the sad truth is that police and local forestry officers already have an idea about this cruel hunting but seem mum and helpless to control and eventually stop this brutality. Most individuals are hoping that one day, buying and selling of migratory birds as well as their slaughter in local markets will be stopped. Additionally, they should establish stricter laws and impose heavier fines on people executing these cruel activities. Anyone who carries, transports, kills, sells, purchases or catches wildlife should be fined or punished.